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    Possibility Coaching & Emotional Healing Processes

    What if the problem itself was the call from life to you, to bring your inner resources online, to collaborate, to discover, to learn, to explore, to feel, to heal?


    You always have the choice of being overwhelmed by life, avoiding life, fighting through life, or being transformed by life toward your natural colours and gifts. The choice is made in each moment, and transformation is not always the easy choice to make. But it is the one that brings you into connection with yourself, with your purpose, with others and with life. I am committed to your choice for transformation!


    I offer one-off or a series of coachings about the topic you bring.

    And I offer 2 special coaching packages:

  • 1:1 Emotional Healing Process journey

    10 x weekly 60-90 minute Emotional Healing Process sessions.

    Includes practises in between sessions.


    Total price: 700-1000 NZD / Euro / USD

    Gremlin Transformation journey for 3-cells

    12 x 60 minute Gremlin Transformation coaching sessions.

    Includes practises in between sessions.


    Total price per person: 500-800 NZD / Euro / USD