• Inward Men's Gathering (3-4 days)

    A living, breathing force in the energy field of Aotearoa and Gaia on the front line of next men's culture research. Inward is held in the hearts and souls of every man who has been present there, and possibly every man who ever will be. It is nurtured and watched over by Ancestors who took their own steps in deepening men's culture, standing present with us as we take our steps.


    Centered around the map of 4 bodies; emotional, intellectual, energetic and physical, Inward is a 4 day journey of getting connected, present and taking your next evolution steps together with a group of committed men.




    Held by 3 men deeply connected to men's work; Jay with his force of initiation to open spaces in ways that nobody can miss the invitation! His richness of vibrant colour, music, dance, poem and ritual lifts you into magic territories of transformation and connection. Elliot the weaver of connection with one another, the soil and incredible food planted and nurtured with his own hands, brings his wizardry to the circle and the kitchen. His deep solid presence keeps men grounded and close to their hearts. Tristan, a Warrior for the presence of men, his tenacious commitment to each man keeping the group tight and connected, is able to deepen into unknown territories and discover new ways of being together.

  • Visit Inward's website to learn more!: www.inwardmensgathering.mystrikingly.com

  • Coming up:

    Winter Inward

    10th-13th August 2023

    Details & Registration

    Summer Inward

    Dates for 2024 coming soon

  • Rage Club

    Rage Club is a safely held space to re-connect with anger consciously.


    Anger is one of nature's energies, mostly known as a bad one...

    But think of it this way.
    - Sexual energy can be used to manipulate, or for intimate connection.
    - Joy can be used to shame, or to inspire.

    - A knife can be used to threaten, or to prepare fine cuisine.


    The energy itself is neither bad nor good, it is about how it is used.


    The territory of feelings is hugely disempowered in Modern Culture, because Modern Culture depends on people staying numb to continue functioning.


    It is a huge healing and empowering journey to reclaim your boundaries, clarity, decision power, and access vast amounts of energy, possibility and intimacy, to connect to and stand tall in your unique services to your village.

  • Coming up:


    Rage Club Day

    Next one coming soon! Get in touch if you want to organise one near you.

  • Expand The Box Training (4 days)

    There is a life before the Expand The Box Training and one after.


    Did you ever try to change something in your life?  


    The human mind is able to imagine a perfect result but the actual change does not happen in the mind.


    Outer change starts with inner change.

    Expand The Box lets you slip between the cracks of foundational assumptions of Modern Culture; assumptions that are such foundational parts of the 'house' that we
    forgot they we there. Through this initiatory experience, entire new realms of possibility open up. The world becomes more vast. Potential exists that was not visible before. Because you do not relate to the world as it is, you relate to the world through your 'filters' or 'world-view', or what in Possibility Management is called your 'Box'.  


    In Expand The Box you will get possibilities to:  

    - Distinguish between your Box and You.

    - Be centered, present and effective even in rapidly changing or chaotic circumstances.

    - Turn every challenge in life into an inspiring learning and growth opportunity.

    - Distinguish and dismantle your reactivity so that it no longer owns you.

    - Transform the force of your feelings into rocket fuel for your life and healing.

    - Create authentic connection with fellow human beings, and experience the power of team!

    - Much more...

  • Coming up:


    Expand The Box Training

    Next one coming soon! Get in touch if you want to organise one near you.

  • Gremlin Transformation

    As a human Being, there is a part of you that is infinitely non-linear, untameable, impossibly creative, and able to find holes, cracks, secret passages, weak spots and sideways possibilities to any problem. This is the force in you that in
    Possibility Management we call your Gremlin.

    Because we live in a culture based on hierarchy, competition, i win - you lose, profit, and social status, you learned to use your gremlin to create and defend the strategies, patterns and identities that you needed to grow up and survive. Letting down the defenses, the walls to your heart and the automatic fight or flight emergency buttons feels like risking your
    life, because in a way, it was.


    And yet as an Adult, the cost of your hidden behaviors, your secret games, the undercurrent of thoughts you do not know you’re thinking, the resentments you nurse, the shadowy
    addictions, the superiority, the connection-killing jokes that slip out the side of your mouth—is huge. If you do not own these things, then like it or not, they are eating away at your aliveness, undermining your intimacy and using up precious moments you’ll never get back.

  • Any part of your Underworld you do not own, owns you.


    Unravelling your Gremlin’s unconscious activities and loosening its hold on your survival strategies lets you open your heart, discover your soul work, stay clear of Underworld traps and games, and live in service to your destiny.