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    Inward is a rare and precious space for Men to turn up vulnerably and take courageous steps to co-create the culture between Men that a deep part of you knows is possible.

    It is simultaneously wild and delicate, unknown yet clear, deep yet light-hearted.


    Every Inward is different, depending on the main topic that is 'in the air'. Our first day is mostly about building foundations and connecting as a team, and from there we let the journey unfold based on our sense of what is needed.


    Elliot Cleland, Jason Horton and Tristan Girdwood collaborate as a formidable team to hold the navigation of the Inward journey.


    More info at: www.inwardmensgathering.mystrikingly.com


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    The purpose of Rage Club is to change your relationship to the feeling and
    emotion of anger so you can consciously and productively use the energy
    and information of anger as an adult in your daily life, without being
    possessed or overwhelmed by it.



     The use of conscious adult anger starts when anger becomes the tool to:

    • say, “No!” or “Stop!”
    • say “Yes!” (by the way, you can only say yes, if you can say an authentic no, otherwise your yes is a lie).
    • change things, move things, stop things, start things, invent things, finish things.
    • get rid of things.
    • make boundaries.
    • make distinctions (just wait until you discover that distinctions are more powerful than boundaries!).
    • answer questions from a resource other than knowing, create clarity, and eliminate confusion.
    • commit, keep promises.
    • take action.
    • say what you want, or say what you don’t want
    • take a stand for something or for someone.
    • distinguish between your feelings and other people's feelings.
    • and much more!!!

    In other words, to do the next amazing thing in your life!

    Read more about Rage Club here:https://rageclub.mystrikingly.com/


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    The purpose of Fear Club is to learn how to consciously experience your fear, utilise its creative and intelligent energy and information so you can navigate to the edges of your world and into the alive unknown field of Possibility and Invention.


    We learned in modern culture that fear is a negative feeling that is unattractive and paralyses us, and makes us weak and easily manipulated. In sum, it is bad news to feel fear. It is exactly because of these assumptions that corporations and politicians and marketting-news agencies are successful at manipulating and controlling the masses. If feeling fear is bad, then no one will ever want to develop the skills to feel fear consciously and use it's tremendous power to not be manipulated and to create paths no one thought was possible. Without consciously feeling and navigating your fear, things stay the same, the external control endures, and the people can only react to the fear-mongering stimuli that is fed to them.


    Fear Clubs are extremely safe learning environments allowing you to reconnect to the adult and archetypal power and intelligence of fear.


    To prepare yourself for Fear Club the pre-requisite is Rage Club and to have completed or be doing the 3x3x3 practise.


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    As a human being, there is a part of you that is infinitely non-linear, untameable, impossibly creative, and able to find holes, cracks, secret passages, weak spots and sideways possibilities to any problem. This is the force in you that in Possibility Management we call your gremlin.


    Because we live in a culture based on hierarchy, competition, i win - you lose, profit, and social status, you learned to use your gremlin to create and defend the strategies, patterns and identities that you needed to grow up and survive.


    And yet as an adult, the cost of your underground behaviours, secret games, resentments, addiction, judgements, the connection-killing jokes that slip out the side of your mouth—is huge. If you do not own these things, then like it or not, they are eating away at your aliveness, undermining your intimacy and using up precious moments you’ll never get back.


    Any part of your underworld you do not own, owns you.


    Gremlin Transformation Trainings are extremely safe learning environments allowing you to unravel your gremlin's hold on your survival strategies, letting you open your heart, discover your soul work, stay clear of underworld traps and games, and live in service to your destiny.


    Through your underworld work the idea of 'Radical Responsibility' becomes a tangible experience.


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    Healing is not about understanding. It is about the process of reshaping the structures that are holding onto patterns and meanings. For this transformation the navigation of emotions is necessary; riding the waves, letting them come up and listening to the information


    Modern culture trained us to not feel. This is the time to wake up your emotions and let them show you the way. As a Spaceholder you will learn to support your clients with a clear, safe space to navigate the waves and provide them with doorways into new possibilities.


    Healing Team is a Training space for people who want to learn to hold space for Emotional Healing Processes as their profession and service.