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    For you

    What I offer is for you if you are looking for:

    - experiencing your aliveness, your colours, your sense of purpose

    - emotional or energetic healing and transformation processes

    - transforming your relationship to experience more connection and love

    - transformation of unconscious patterns and addictions

    - training to navigate your feelings consciously

    - possibilities in your life where you do not currently see them


    About me

    As a young man I looked outside for aliveness. Wild and unusual adventures excited me. I climbed buildings and rock faces, travelled alone around Africa for one year with just a backpack and a tent, and generally said yes to any kind of adventure that presented itself. I was hungry for life, magic, initiation, something raw and unknown, something I could not find in the seemingly mechanical western culture. I was allergic to the whole idea of choosing one career!


    Only when I discovered Possibility Management and learned to be aware of the intelligence of my body, my feelings and my spirit did I realise how much aliveness is inherently in a person. The outer adrenaline-fixes paled in comparison to the subtleties and sensitivity of feeling, of navigating relationship with others, and of navigating healing and transformational spaces.


    I was amazed to discover how much blockages people have between themselves and their aliveness, and the magic that comes alive when those blockages can dissolve. The flow of ideas, action, possibilities and connection that humans have the potential to access and create totally inspires me!


    It is magic to see how the blockages themselves are the doorway to aliveness. It is an alchemical process to unleash the energy from any blockage. As a Possibility Manager it is my work to create the conditions where this alchemy can happen, and to be witness and navigator to the unfolding of life in all its colours of intensity to delicacy.


    In school we only learned to be alive physically and intellectually, but there are whole other dimensions of aliveness emotionally, energetically and archetypally (connected to your natural purpose and your service on earth) waiting to be unleashed. These aspects of life as a human are confusing and suppressed for many people, yet deeply longed for under the surface. With a safe and alive space these dormant parts easily blossom and mature, as they are natural parts of life.


    It is my joy to create spaces where people have the opportunity to experience their aliveness, deepen their roots into life, and blossom with their own joy for life.

  • My specialities

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    Possibility Coaching

    A safe and transformational space to put your necessity on the table. Do you have a big life question? Are you stuck somewhere in your life?

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    Reclaim Anger: Rage Club

    Re-frame anger, and re-claim its energy and information as your birthright as a responsible adult. Using anger as an adult begins when you can set boundaries, say no!, keep your centre, know what you want and do not want, speak with clarity, and much more.

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    Inward for Men

    Inward Men’s Gathering is a chance for you to stop looking outward for what a man is supposed to be, and to unfold the man you are and the man you want to be. There is no ‘one size fits all’ recipe.

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    Possibility Team

    Imagine being in a Team where you could...

    - Follow your necessity and ask for possibilities.

    - Ask for possibilities to find or clarify your necessity.

    - Learn and practise new skills.

    - Discover unexplored inner territories.

    - Practise giving and receiving feedback in an empowering, connected way.

    - Practise following your authentic impulses in a safely held experimental space, where it is ok, even welcomed, to get things wrong.

  • Testimonials

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    Tristan holds a space full of Clarity, Love and Magic. I find his spaces powerful for me to go deep into my healing process and come out with notable changes that show up in my life.

    Julia Neumann

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    The possibilities and experiments I receive from Tristan open new doors for me to create the life I want to live in areas of self love and love for others, living my purpose, letting myself be what I am, as big as I am. I feel encouraged, empowered, I am facing my bullshit and learning to deal with if from an adult perspective.

    Wojciech Zawadski

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    Tristan's enthusiasm and passion seems boundless. He facilitates with joy and clarity, navigating the murky waters of unconscious patterns to bring awareness without shame. I very much enjoy having Tristan on my team and strongly recommend his services as a coach on your journey.

    Kiri B

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    Tristan showed excellent knowledge and insights in what I wanted to achieve from him in his role as a coach. He worked at my pace and guided me where I wanted to go. He gently steered me back on track when necessary.

    The compassion and empathy Tristan showed me helped with my healing and learning to trust again. I felt he was there for me 100 per cent. Thank you Tristan.

    Mary Ann

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    Tristan is a wise old soul in a young man's body. In our coaching sessions I found him to be incredibly astute and works with care and precision. It is unusual to find a coach whose mind and heart are connected. Tristan delivers transformation through the practises and distinctions of Possibility Management. I highly recommend him.

    Renee Alleyne MNZAC, BA Psych.

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    I can not recommend Tristan's coaching more highly. Tristan provided the space for me to go into myself, discover what was holding me back, all the while he stood like a strongly rooted tree with me, giving me the tools and distinctions when I needed them to make my own shifts. I was able to clear huge space inside my self to write and focus on the projects that light my heart up. If you get the chance to be coached by Tristan - GO! your life will take on a whole other level of aliveness.

    Millicent Haughey

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    Tristan has held space for me over the years in so many different contexts.

    What stands out is his presence and care, his clarity and his authenticity.

    He notices the energy, gently brings everyone in and keeps the space rolling and alive. Distinctions bring an "Aha" to me. I am constantly amazed how he sifts all the important information and transforms it into such a thorough, clear summary later, yet during the space there is such spaciousness and invitation to bring yourself in. Tristan's authenticity, I experience in his spontaneity and humour, along with his vulnerability and exposure of himself.

    Patricia McGee

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    Tristan is incredibly skilled at being present, holding space, and empowering me to feel fully, presently here and now.

    Going from feeling numbness to understanding distraction strategies to escape feeling to open the doors wider to release old trauma blockages and reclaim lost parts of myself.

    Tristan is fantastic at bringing awareness to that next question that I’m afraid to ask, and exploring together possibilities to create an every day/week practice to support and encourage growth and goals.

    I highly recommend Tristan to both find out what your next goal is and to achieve it and pursue your passion, your purpose and your reason for being embodied on this planet.

    Andre Heppelthwaite

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    I worked with Tristan in a small coaching group for 3 months (alongside a couple of individual sessions) and appreciated the unique combination of strength, clarity and gentle presence in his space holding.


    Tristan has a wisdom that goes beyond his years bringing valuable insight at just the right timing to shift the dynamic of the space to new depths allowing new possibilities to emerge.


    I would encourage you to have Tristan on your team if you're seeking lasting change in your life.

    Stacia Karina Beazley

    Counsellor, Trainer, Coach