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    I am a Possibility Management trainer and coach, with a background in delivering workshops about conscious feelings, and working with people 1:1 around the topics of feelings and purpose.


    I currently live with my 16 year old son in Newtown, Wellington, with many visits to my partner and 11 year old daughter in Golden Bay.


    I am and always have been an outer and inner world explorer, loving to learn and discover new territories!


    I think that inner world work is the doorway to deep cultural change. The way that things are wired in us, our 'thoughtware', is what our culture, relationships, successes, failures and wellbeing emerge from.

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    I really enjoy meeting people, hearing about what they do, and sharing about what I do!


    If you would like to connect for a cuppa in Wellington, or even online via Zoom, great. Get in touch :)