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    2-hr workshop

    27th April & 4th May, 6pm-8pm

    Downstairs @ Thistle Hall


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    2-hr workshop

    11th May, 6pm-8pm

    Downstairs @ Thistle Hall


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    5-Week series

    Saturdays 18th May - 15th June

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    Thursdays 7.30-9pm

    Free weekly meeting for all men.

    Contact me for more info and to join.


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    Inward Men’s Gathering is a chance for you to stop looking outward for what a man is supposed to be, and to unfold the man you are and the man you want to be. There is no ‘one size fits all’ recipe.


    As a human your presence happens in 5 ‘bodies’, your mind, physical, emotional, energetic and archetypal. In modern culture we mostly learned to be present in our minds and physical bodies, and learned very few skills or distinctions about the others.


    Presence in your emotional body gives you an inner compass and never-ending access to huge amounts of energy to navigate your life free of emotional reactivity, and paint your life how you want it.

    Presence in your energetic body is how you feel grounded, resonance, flow, centered and can distinguish your own energetic space from others’.

    Presence in your archetypal body lets you experience your purpose, your joy of being in service, and a connection to something bigger than you.


    Inward is a space to learn and experience core skills to be present and connected to yourself and other men. Experiencing a connected men’s culture is a huge gift, and one that we want to share. We also see it as one of the most important contributions we can make toward creating a sustainable and healthy culture for ourselves, our partners, our children, our family and community, and the earth.


    Inward is not a religious gathering. Men over 18 years old from all walks of life, of any religion and any sexuality are welcome.


    More info at: www.inwardmensgathering.mystrikingly.com


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    Rage Club is a transformation space where you have the opportunity to re-frame the way that you relate to the energy of anger in a way that empowers you to live a life in integrity and connection with your heart.


    Now, you might be thinking hmmmmmm but anger is one of those negative feelings… I thought we were supposed to avoid that one… I’ve had really bad experiences with Anger… Actually anger is dangerous!

    Yes, in its unconscious form anger is dangerous. But by focusing only on anger as a negative feeling, it is the norm to suppress it. Suppression is no less dangerous, leading to illnesses, unconscious relationship dynamics, addictions, stress, and physical tension. ‘Putting a cork in it’ eventually leads to the explosion or implosion that you were trying to avoid in the first place. And avoiding anger altogether due to past traumas can result in a life-long struggle with anxiety, dissociation and other symptoms.

    However, when used consciously and responsibly, anger contains pure energy and information. It is also essential to health and well-being in your physical body.

    Rage Club offers you a protected space in which you can reclaim this elemental power to stand up for your heart's concerns in a centered, clear and connected manner in your life - supported by a directly tangible anchoring in your adult self. Starting by learning to say NO and STOP, you build trust in yourself to take care of yourself. Your body becomes a safe space to inhabit, and you no longer need to dissociate or be sick to avoid the intensity of past emotions. They can be expressed and transformed into new clarity and possibility for your life as an adult.

    Learn and enjoy:

    Clarity by learning to say yes or no effectively or setting appropriate boundaries
    Authenticity by taking yourself seriously and expressing your needs
    Stay safe by taking care of yourself and making independent decisions
    Relaxation by no longer suppressing your power
    Joy in life because you stand up for yourself and act effectively

    During the 4-weeks series you will receive basic distinctions and embark on an experimental journey of discovery, supported by the trainer and participants committed to you. You will be met where you are - regardless of whether you already have experience with anger work or are approaching the topic for the first time.

    You can try out a variety of exercises – for yourself, with others or as part of the group. 


    Read more about Rage Club here:https://rageclub.mystrikingly.com/

  • S.P.A.R.K.s for Men

    Imagine being in a Team where you could...


    - Follow your necessity and ask for possibilities.

    - Ask for possibilities to find or clarify your necessity.

    - Learn and practise new skills.

    - Discover unexplored inner territories.

    - Practise giving and receiving feedback in an empowering, connected way.

    - Practise following your authentic impulses in a safely held experimental space, where it is ok, even welcomed, to get things wrong.


    Now stop imagining, and join the team!